• Provide quality and accessible public services in the field of museums;
  • To support and provide guidance to the society's enlightenment activities;
  • Carry out activities such as museum security, protection, fire alarm and internal network;
  • Improving working conditions, providing machinery, equipment and rooms;
  • Implement approved budgets and programs, manage and spend budget funds;
  • Report on budget execution and performance agreements in a timely manner;
  • To control the supply, storage and use of property and inventory;
  • To conduct archives and clerical work in accordance with relevant laws, rules and regulations;
  • Directing human resource policies and activities;
  • Provide management for digitalization of cultural services to reach citizens and delivery of cultural services to the population;

Head of the department: T.Dashbat, e-mail address: …………………………… ..


  • Enrich the museum's collection with plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, ancient vertebrates and invertebrates, and geological minerals;
  • To organize regular field research to enrich the museum fund;
  • Process samples and collections collected during field exploration, identify them at the species level in accordance with scientific taxonomy, and hand them over to the treasury;
  • Analyze collections in museum collections based on records and information, write research descriptions, and plan collection collections policies;
  • To promote and introduce the exhibits in the museum's collection to the public by enriching them with scientifically based and accurate information;
  • To conduct research and publish works in cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and researchers;

Head of the department: T.Todgerel, e-mail: …………………………… ..


  • Develop and implement museum marketing policy;
  • Implement the organization's official electronic program;
  • Expand cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations and museums with similar activities;
  • Develop and circulate creative cultural production;
  • Conduct education and methodological training;

Head of the department: O.Soronzonbold, e-mail address: …………………………… ..


  • To register and certify the right to own museum exhibits within the framework of relevant legal documents
  • Document the enrichment of the museum's collection, external and internal movement, and storage and protection conditions in electronic and paper form in accordance with relevant laws, rules, and regulations, and accurately report related information and reports to higher authorities.
  • To create and enrich the registration and database at the organization and put it into scientific circulation
  • To anticipate and inspect the risks that may adversely affect the achievement of the main objectives of the Museum of Natural History, to make conclusions and recommendations, and to monitor its implementation.

Head of Department: M.Tumendemberel, e-mail::


  • Arrange and store the treasures of the treasury in accordance with the standards
  • Create an appropriate storage environment for exhibits in the treasury room
  • Moving the exhibit within the relevant legal documents


  • The activities of the museum's exhibition and display department shall be managed within the framework of laws, rules and regulations in accordance with the goals and objectives of the museum.
  • Carrying out museum exhibitions, demonstrations and exhibitions in accordance with international standards and at a high professional level
  • Organize public service activities for museum exhibitions and demonstrations
  • When collecting museum exhibits, the origin should be recorded and exhibits and exhibitions should be organized based on the facts.

Head of the department: N.Javzmaa, e-mail address: …………………………… ..